Nighttime Glow
Nighttime Glow
Lava Lake
Lava Lake Close-up

I was out viewing the lava lake at the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.  The lake is deep inside the crater, but part of it is clearly visible. And the lava isn’t just sitting there placidly, it’s continually swirling and bubbling and frolicking to and fro.

It was very cool. Not as good as my helicopter view of the Kilauea eruption, but also much more close and personal, from an observation platform on the crater ring. (The Nicaraguan authorities aren’t quite as brave as the Ethiopians at Erte Ale, but they are a lot braver than the US National Park Service.)

The best time to visit is in the early evening, when the lava shows clearly through the smoke.  I also visited during the day, but the gases from the volcano block most of the view and you only get occasional smokey glimpses of the lava.

Masaya is only a half hour taxi ride from Managua, so it is really easy to visit!  If you want to see some live lava at ground level, this is a great opportunity!