Graham Land: A Land where Grahams roam proud and free!

Graham Land: A Land where Grahams roam wild and free!

I finally succumbed to temptation and took a cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula.

I saw a great range of wildlife: many, many humpback whales, a pod of killer whales, a leopard seal, great hordes of swaggering Gentoo penguins, some shyer Adelie penguins, many chinstrap penguins, wandering albatrosses, petrels, and more.  The scenery, with ice bergs, ice cliffs, jaggy snowy crags, was truly striking – alien, forbidding, beautiful all at once.

But for me the high point was our landing at Neko Harbour, in Graham Land, on the Antarctic continent itself.  I promptly declared the Independent Republic of Graham Land.  By viewing this website you are hereby declared an honorary citizen.  You may expect your first tax bill shortly.