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Iceland: Puffins!

I’m up near Borgarfjorour Eystri in North-East Iceland visiting puffins. At Hafnarhólmi, visitors are allowed to walk right up to a puffin nesting area. There is a wooden walkway and a “hide” right in among the puffins.  There are many, many puffins!  They are slightly nervous of humans but only slightly.  Some nests are right […]

Iceland: Geysir

I’m in Iceland, travelling the Ring Road around the island.  I arrived this afternoon at the Hotel Geysir, which is in Geysir, a short walk from the geyser Geysir. Geysir (from whom all other geysers are named) is taking a rest this decade, but his nearby buddy the geyser Strokkur is spouting regularly, every 5-8 […]

Martinique: St Pierre

On 8th May 1902, the thriving town of St Pierre, Martinique, was abruptly destroyed by a pyroclastic surge from the Mount Pelée volcano.  Around 25,000 people died within minutes. Sadly, the authorities had been fully aware of the many warning signs of an eruption at Mount Pelée.  They had carefully determined that various intervening hills […]

Costa Rica: Starbucks Farm

Costa Rica is home to the one-and-only Starbucks Coffee Farm, Hacienda Alsacia. It is a real working coffee farm, but its main purpose is as an agronomic and educational center. Starbucks has a set of farm support centers around the world that provide improved hybrid varieties plus production and environmental advice to small coffee farmers. […]

Nicaragua: Masaya Volcano

Nighttime Glow Lava Lake Close-up I was out viewing the lava lake at the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua.  The lake is deep inside the crater, but part of it is clearly visible. And the lava isn’t just sitting there placidly, it’s continually swirling and bubbling and frolicking to and fro. It was very cool. Not […]

Saudi Arabia: Madain Saleh

I’m at Al Ula in Northern Saudi Arabia. The main local attraction is the ancient city of Madain Saleh. This was the second city of the Nabateans, whose capital was at Petra, and there are many similarities to Petra. There is nothing as grand as the Treasury at Petra, but there are scores of imposing […]