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I’m in Newfoundland, Canada, out at the L’Anse aux Meadows archaeological site.  This is the only confirmed Viking site in North America.  Since I’ve recently followed the Vikings from Norway to Iceland to Greenland, I found the pull of Vinland just too strong to resist! Parks Canada vigorously assures visitors that Leif Erikson himself landed […]

I’m now in South Greenland, visiting Norse Ruins. I made it out to Eric’s Farm! For me, part of the allure of the Greenland Norse Ruins is the idea of the “lost colony”.  Eric the Red arrived in 985 and the Norse prospered in Greenland for four centuries, establishing over 200 hundred farms, 7 churches, […]

Greenland: The Ice Cap

I successfully made it up on to the Greenland Ice Cap on Sunday, near Kangerlussuaq.  This was the Point 660 Tour with Albatros Arctic Circle. It was only the edge, but it was still great fun to visit the real Greenland Ice Cap!    The surface stays jaggy and uneven for about 60 kms and […]

Suriname: Frogs & Toads

Dyeing Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates tinctorius) I survived my expedition into the Surinamese Rain Forest, at the Kabalebo Nature Resort. The best wildlife was definitely the frogs and toads.  I saw several species of tiny poisonous frogs.  How poisonous? “Why, the very touch is death, sir!”  Well maybe not quite.  My guide was willing to […]

Guyana: Kaieteur falls

I’m in Georgetown, Guyana.  I took a Cessna tour out to Kaieteur Falls yesterday.  The falls have a spectacular 226 meters (741 ft) straight drop, with high flow.  We’re heading into the dry season, so the falls are currently at about 40% flow, but they are still seriously impressive.  I also had a short nature […]

Trinidad: Hanuman Temple

Trinidad is notably multicultural, with a mix of Carib, African, European and Indian influences.   There are  a number of Hindu temples, of which the most striking is the Hanuman Temple, in Carapichaima, about 14 miles SE of Port of Spain. The temple boasts an imposing 85 foot tall statue of Lord Hanuman.  It is well-executed […]