Look at this charming Tropical Island! A palm-filled paradise, complete with the rustic “Cabin Dreyfus” to house visitors!
OK, the name “Devil’s Island” may deter some travelers.  That plus the strong currents and hidden rocks that have caused the authorities to ban boats from trying to land.  Details, mere details.  I’m sure someone will build a holiday resort soon.
I’ve been visiting the former French penal colony in the Îles du Salut, off the shore of French Guiana.  The prison was spread over the three islands and was a notorious hell-hole, but back in the day the islands were actually regarded as a healthy refuge from the fevers and horrors of mainland French Guiana.  Which was where the main hell-hole prison was.  We got to land on two of the islands, but Devil’s Island itself is off limits because of the currents and rocks.

Cell block on Île Saint-Joseph