I’m up near Borgarfjorour Eystri in North-East Iceland visiting puffins.

At Hafnarhólmi, visitors are allowed to walk right up to a puffin nesting area. There is a wooden walkway and a “hide” right in among the puffins.  There are many, many puffins!  They are slightly nervous of humans but only slightly.  Some nests are right beside the walkway.  You can easily get to within 2 meters of the puffins.

It was great fun to see the puffins close up.  But this is Iceland and today was a rainy day, so both I and the puffins got thoroughly soaked!

Update August 7th.  Back in Reykjavik I was enjoying the fine local cuisine, including the excellent Nói Síríus Icelandic Milk Chocolate.  But then Mike emailed me and asked if I had tried a cheese-and-puffin sandwich.  Well, no, but it did sound like a really great idea.  And all the ingredients were readily available…

Disclaimer: No puffins were harmed in the making of this post. All sandwich scenes were performed by daring stunt-puffin, Lundi Lundison, who was fishily rewarded.  And it was all Mike’s idea anyway.  🙂