The sleeping geyser Geysir

I’m in Iceland, travelling the Ring Road around the island.  I arrived this afternoon at the Hotel Geysir, which is in Geysir, a short walk from the geyser Geysir.

Geysir (from whom all other geysers are named) is taking a rest this decade, but his nearby buddy the geyser Strokkur is spouting regularly, every 5-8 minutes, up to about 15-20 meters. It’s good fun to watch!

I’m enjoying Iceland.  Right now the COVID-19 rate is extremely low, so everything is operating almost normally, with only minimal reminders of the need for social distancing.  It’s very pleasant to be able to do quaint old-fashioned things like sit down in a coffee shop and sip a mocha.  🙂

The very active geyser Strokkur